The Cat that’s Made from Mist

Some days it feels like I’m living in two different places, one is a beautiful oasis with views of the towns opposite, both in the valley and in the mountains, the other is a dismal shroud of nothingness. Some mornings we wake to this cloying shroud in the form of a thick mist that means we have zero visibility, it’s almost like living inside a cloud until the sun comes out to burn it off.


I guess the low lying mist becomes trapped in the basin of the valley, some mornings it’s so tangible you feel as though if you reached out to it, you could stroke it as it lies curled around the landscape like a large grey cat. We’ve not had the mist for a week or so, and today here it is again. The towns of Altino and Archi are obliterated, concealed by the grey nothingness. This benign blanket has no taste or scent, it just lies there like a sleeping cat, swallowing up the countryside.

The sun breaks through and the cat wakes, tendrils drift upwards as it stretches and I watch as it arches its back towards the skies and starts to dissipate. It’s unusual as you can actually see it dissolving, it sometimes looks like it’s running away from the warmth.


As the grey cat starts to move away the town below starts to come into view, almost like it’s in soft focus, in much the same way Cybil Shepherd was shot when she filmed the TV series Moonlighting: I never liked how she was always in soft focus yet Bruce Willis wasn’t, if anyone could have done with a bit of help it was Mr Willis. The towns in the mountains are very slowly revealed as the cat slinks off towards the west.

The mist almost looks like smoke as it rises in columns before disappearing slowly to expose the town of Archi, like a dogs hind leg balanced upon the ridge opposite.

Thankfully, the grey cat doesn’t visit often and when she does, she doesn’t hang around for too long.

Toilet cleaner

This afternoon I was working in the living room whilst OH was in the kitchen washing up the lunch dishes, I was deciding between altering the sentence I was working on and replacing the comma with a semi-colon: heady stuff this writing lark, when there’s a call from the kitchen. “This new washing-up liquid you’ve got isn’t very good, there’s hardly any bubbles.” I stop my deliberating and leave the laptop and go into the kitchen to investigate. I’m hit by the aroma of tea tree oil and instantly know what has happened. “Look,” says OH “there’s hardly any bubbles.” my reply is, “That’s because it’s toilet cleaner not washing-up liquid.” I’m leaving the kitchen when I turn to say, “Well at least you only made that mistake once, now you know.” “No, this isn’t the first time I’ve used it, just never thought to mention it before.”

This reminds me of another conversation with OH, where I end up shaking my head, to read this on my old blog, Click here 

I don’t have any photos of toilet cleaner so here’s a view taken from Torino di Sangro.