Do Believe What You Read

I’m working an a feature about olive oil, a light-hearted piece that lists eight things people may or may not know. Obviously I have to mention some of the health benefits of having the oil in your diet, but finding things that aren’t as obvious is a task. After an hour of web surfing and double checking I have all the information I need. I look up at the clock and see that it’s lunch time; Lily Allen starts to sing her new single, the brilliantly satirical, Hard Out Here as I look inside the fridge. As I’m looking at writing a ‘healthy’ article this afternoon I decide on a plate of antipasto, so it’s smoked tuna, white anchovies, olives, prosciutto crudo and some salad served up with a slice of my home made bread.

In the afternoon, I settle down to structure my 500 word feature, I mention that olive oil helps to preserve the omega 3 oil in fish and ponder whether or not to tell my readers that olive oil is good for removing stubborn mascara, when I read something that catches my attention. One beauty therapist claims that you can use the oil instead of expensive shaving creams. I rub my three day beard growth and grab the olive oil from the kitchen and head off towards the bathroom. OH gives me an odd look and I express my intention to shave with the kitchen condiment and this elicits a roll of the eyes.

I wet my stubble with warm water and rub in some of the olive oil and lo and behold it works, there’s no razor burn and no drag just a smooth, close shave and boy did my skin feel good afterwards. So will I be using olive oil from now on… I don’t think so…  it took twice as long to clean the sink.