Being Creative with OCD

We have a house guest in a few weeks, which means we have been cracking on with the work required to complete the second bedroom. The walls have been re-pointed and plastered, the floor is laid and the spare bed/futon assembled, so all that’s left has been soft furnishings. My friend Vivienne, dropped off some fabric and I have had a day or so being creative.

After leaving school I did a few months training as a tailor’s cutter; unfortunately the business folded, but I did come away with hand-stitching skills. Add to this my OCD and you get even stiches that must be the same length Smile.

My first job was to create a new headboard for our bed as when we stored it in the bathroom in March it got wet and the suede became mouldy. As we have rustic walls and wooden ceiling and floor I went for a patchwork effect, which I think has turned out rather well. I did fight with my OCD to stop it being too uniform, as I wanted a less than perfect grid effect.


My next task was to make a curtain for the window in the second bedroom; one can’t expect a guest to stay without any privacy from the outside world. So once again I selected some contrasting fabrics and began stitching a curtain. After adding a backing and fitting a rail it’s up at the window. The problem is now I want one for our bedroom window too, which means more finger pricking with a needle.


Talking of OCD, regular readers are aware of my preference for pencils over pens, and my particular liking for the Staedtler brand. I was finally unpacking boxes that had been packed up in readiness for our move to Italy. One such box was packed back in 2009, and when I opened it I found a stash of Staedtler pencils hidden away. I’ve added them to my current collection and think I now have enough to last me until the end of my days. Will this stop me purchasing more, I doubt it.