The Defunct Tower and Pizza

Calamity struck today. Following the return from my trip over to England, I was ready today to get back into my normal working routine. I fired up the laptop, dug out my research notes and plonked the iPod into the dock ready for some shuffling as i write. I pressed the power button but nothing happened, I checked the plug and all was okay there, but still no power appeared in the tower where my iPod sits when I’m working. I tried other wall sockets but all was to no avail, the tower that I purchased back in the UK before we came out was dead.  So to console myself I dropped down to Quadrante, the pizzeria. I was tucking into a slice of black olive and anchovy pizza when I decided there was nothing for it but to purchase a new docking station.

100_8406  While  I was over in England, i ate all those things that I thought I’d missed, KFC, oatcakes, (a north Staffordshire delicacy not the Scottish crackers) and black pudding. I discovered that yes I still liked these things and that the only one I think I have missed most is black pudding; I will start a quest to see if Italy has anything similar. While I was there a friend asked me if I’d like to join him at Pizza Hut. My response was  a polite, no. (Living in the country that invented pizza and therefore in my opinion produce the best makes you more discerning).

   The following day, as I had to pick people up from the airport I dropped into the electrical store near the airport and had a look at what iPod docks they had on offer, they had a good selection on the shelves but their stock was found wanting and all they appeared to have on offer was a couple of cheap plastic models and a very expensive Bose one, that I’d love to own but at €449 is out of my price range.

I dropped into the Auchan supermarket and they had a nice slick black one with white speaker grills for sale and at €79 was ideal for my needs. I collected our human cargo and dropped them home before unpacking the new iPod dock. I set it up, plugged it in and the green light came on but no sound was forthcoming. I checked the instructions, rechecked the connection and still no sound. It appeared that for the second time in one week I had a defunct device. This meant another trip to Pescara to return it. So an hour and half later with my refund in my pocket I was driving the 68 km distance between home and store for the fourth time that day.

It’s now six days later and I still have no iPod dock to replace the tower that’s still standing in the living room looking forlorn, but the upside is, I have discovered there is the Italian equivalent to English black pudding, it’s called buristo and comes from Siena, so next time I pop into town (our local one that is) to look for a new dock I’ll try to find some of that too.