Green Groves

October is here and although the heat of summer has passed it’s still warm compared to England. With the tenth month there have been changes. Today I stopped and noticed that the incessant chirp of cicadas had finished and also the olive groves have become carpeted with green. Where there was once just dust and dried grass there is now a lush blanket of fresh growth. Along the lanes yellow aconites have appeared, their petals splayed out for the last of the bees before hibernation. Wild cyclamen have also blossomed displaying their pink and purple bonnets and under the walnut tree in my neighbour’s garden a delicate yellow flower has pushed its head through the matted oxalis.100_7806

I took Alf up to the olive grove today, as he’s not been for a week or so and he was confused by the grass, he ran about with wild abandon, stopping to grab mouthfuls of this new green stuff that tickles his feet as he runs. He looks at me quizzically, asking what is this new thing? He then rolls over enjoying the feel and the scent. There’s a definite change in the seasons, the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour and the olives are fat and ready for harvesting. I have to admit that early October is much more pleasant in Italy than it has often been in England.