Plot 51: Bricks And Bulbs

At the side of the outbuilding is an old water container; one of the1,000 litre white cubes in a cage that I saw so many times in the Italian olive groves in Abruzzo. I was going to get rid of it, but a quick Google search showed that a refurbished one can sell for around £80 to £90, so I decided to keep it. The only problem is it’s precariously lying on top of more rubbish, old bricks and yet more rotten wood. Next to it is two old barrels and another mini rubbish dump of glass, plastic and pieces of electrical cable. So the first thing to do is to move it and get rid of the wood.

April (25)

We cleared the bricks putting to one side those we think we can use, then set about removing the rotten pallet that it’s fixed to.

The barrels at the side are moved with my neighbour already having earmarked one for her plot.

We built a brick support and lifted the cube into position. It’s not high enough to get a watering can under the tap, so it’s lifted off and more bricks are piled up. Why didn’t we measure it?

The five brick towers look less than able to do their job as we lift it up again and luckily with a bit of pushing and readjusting it’s relatively secure. The real test will come when we fill it with water.

May (11)

I start to clear the mini rubbish dump which proves to be a tedious job to remove the glass and wire, so as the soil is very good quality, out comes a sieve and I’m sat in the sun like a miner panning for gold.

The iPod is switched on and The Humans play their cover of These Boots are Made for Walking and an hour or so later the small plot is ready to take the gladioli bulbs I’ve been starting off in peat pots at home. The spot is in semi-shade so the blooms shouldn’t fade in the sun and as it’s beside the paving that will become our seating area they should look nice.

The bags of rubbish are loaded into the treasure trays I rescued on skip day and placed in the car to be disposed of when the council tips reopen next week. I could leave them here, but I want to break the cycle of rubbish staying on the plot.

May (13)