Plot 51: Treasure or Tat

As I’ve already documented, skip day was a success as I managed to rid my plot of all the rubbish that had accumulated over the years by the previous owner. But another upside of skip day was the sharing of what I classed as rubbish with fellow allotmenteers.

An old hose-pipe reel of mine was taken by someone, another asked me if they could have the old guttering and pipes and an old circular sink I had was snapped up too: No one was willing to come forward and ask for the old bath though.


On my last trip to the skip I saw someone throwing away some old trays, the kind that manufacturers use to deliver bread and other produce to shops and supermarkets. As soon as I spotted these I begged them and smiling carried them back to my plot. knowing I shall find many uses for them.


I’m not going to pontificate and say I’ve saved some more plastic from landfill by recycling as that wasn’t my intention, all I was thinking at the time was, I want those and of course, one man’s tat is another man’s treasure.