Plot 51: Skip and Strawberries

Monday: Word has got around the top plots of a pending committee announcement. Exchanges in hushed tones are telling of the possibility of another skip being delivered. We had one a week ago sited at the bottom of the site and it was filled so quickly that those at the top of the site were upset to have missed it. I’m looking at the bags of rubbish on my plot and the bath tub that is now filled with even more waste and make a conscious decision not to miss this skip. Apparently scheduled for Thursday.

Wednesday: My bare root strawberry plants via Amazon arrived yesterday and although they look dead and better consigned to the compost I know a few hours with the roots soaking in water they’ll be rejuvenated. So today I’m planting them in the raised beds. I’ve put down a layer of black plastic to help keep in moisture and also keep the fruit clean and so it’s time to pop them through the slits and set them off on their way to producing some tasty red berries.

May (6)

Thursday: The skip has arrived and the first job is getting rid of the infernal bath tub, so it’s promptly placed on a wheelbarrow and unsteadily it’s wheeled to the waiting skip. Oh that feeling of joy as it falls into the rubbish receptacle.

There’s a few people on site and a couple tell me to take advantage of the chance to get rid of all the clutter on my plot. So several trips back and forth and the allotment detritus is removed, it’s possible to now see behind the greenhouse and I can now think about re-siting the water container.

Looking over the plot it’s a good feeling knowing that there’s not years of old wood and plastic and electrical wire and broken guttering lying around anymore.

The simple pleasure of a skip and some strawberries.