Plot 51: Beans and Bamboo

With the exception of the border with the raspberry canes, the digging and weeding is over at last and I can concentrate on the assembly of the plot and what produce I shall be growing.

I know that despite a poor germination rate I shall have sweet peas as usual; the fragrance is always welcome and as cut flowers they never disappoint, I had ordered bamboo canes in readiness and earmarked a spot to plant them. Other canes shall be used for the growing of runner beans – something I’ve never grown before.

So with the French beans and sweet peas ready to plant out and the runner beans sown, it’s time to prepare the frameworks. The iPod is turned on and, The Hall Of Mirrors from the Kraftwerk album, Trans-Europe Express is the prelude to bamboo construction. (It would have been perfect if Sylvian/Sakamoto and Bamboo Music had played, but when you shuffle, you get what you’re given.)

April (13)

The ground has been turned but needs to have fertiliser added later to giver the runner beans enough fuel to produce a decent crop. I defy my OCD issues and decide to place the uprights by eye instead of measuring and although I’m not completely happy with the spacing in the end I resist the urge to take it down and start again. My logic being, that the beans won’t care a jot for equidistant spacing.

I decide the French beans can wait as I’m not sure where I’ll put them, so it’s time to start on the sweet pea wigwam. Once again it’s done by sight and I’m even less happier with the result.

I can’t be bothered to sort out the rogue pole as I’ll have to cut and tie new string: Besides I’ve had no breakfast and I’m ready for some lunch. This time the iPod plays, Tavares and the 1973 hit, Check It Out.

Looking at the wigwam I’m sure that my music player is taunting me.

April (15)