It’s Snow Good

One thing the Italians excel at in comparison to their British counterparts is excellent snow management. Back in the UK when there’s a hint of impending snowfall the local council will get out the gritters and coat the roads in a mix of salt, sand and grit in an attempt to keep the roads clear and traffic moving.

roads 4

Here in Italy the council take a more pragmatic approach to snow. They let it fall then get out the snow ploughs and move it, thus clearing the roads and keeping the traffic flowing. Add to this no grit to cause corrosion to your car and you’re winning on all fronts.

roads 1

Here they clear all the roads that the school bus will travel on first, then they come to clear even the lanes where only a handful of residents live, like myself.

roads 3

So it’s thumbs up to the Italians and their super snow management.

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