Fishy Friday’s

Growing up in England and miles away from the coast meant that I didn’t eat much fish: in fact I was once given a fish finger as a child and recoiled in horror. Apart from tinned tuna, mussels and the occasional fish supper I didn’t eat very much fish. But now living just 18 minutes from the sea means it’s a different story. Whereas I’d probably eat fish 2 or 3 times a year now it’s 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve discovered that I like octopus and calamari, I still don’t really like prawns and people I cannot be trusted with an unopened jar of anchovies.

Friday at an Italian restaurant definitely means there’ll be fish on the menu and whenever I can I like to drop into our local, aptly named, Il Bucaniere, (the Buccaneer). The reason being I can always guarantee to get frittura di pesce. Last week we dropped in for lunch which costs just €10 a head, and for this you get wine, water and 2 courses.


Lunchtimes are always busy with Friday’s being the busiest. To help out the menu for the day is written up on a chalk board beneath the TV, (Italian’s and TV’s in restaurants, that’s a whole post of its own). To guarantee a table we arrive early and already the seating area at the back of the restaurant is full. We settle into our seats out at the front and the service is swift. We decide to try something we’ve not seen on the menu before and within minutes the most comforting dish of polenta with a rich fish flavoured sauce and mussels arrives. Wow, this is a taste surprise.


The second course I have ordered is the frittura di pesce, deep fried calamari and small fish. It’s a fiddly dish to eat but if you go native and use your fingers then it’s easy to strip the fish from the bones, and no one is looking at you because they’re all too engrossed in their own plate of superbly cooked fish. I save a few of the calamari tentacles until last as they’re my favourite part of the dish.


Our table is cleared and as we pour the last of the wine into glasses we make appreciative noises about how good it feels to be full of Friday’s fish.

4 thoughts on “Fishy Friday’s

  1. Fabularseeee
    Great blog and Exactly true. Since owing a house in Abruzzo – we eat fish more or less daily when we are there. The other day in morrisons a very sorry looking piece of salmon was £5.86
    One mouthful it would of been gone. There I was moaning at the
    Fishmonger… You would never ever be sold or dish up terrible looking fish like this you have on your display.
    We didnt just buy a house, we bought a
    Life style. Feeling bless roll on Fishy Fridays forever

  2. That was very tasty indeed…..My parents come from costal region. They have a house about 5 kilometers from sea. I am talking about Kanyakumari…people irrespective of economic status eat fish..its their staple food. I pay about Rs.400/- per kg for good fish, while my mum pays about Rs.100-150/- …..its almost 200% more in the city………my personal choice is squid, prawns and other single bone fishes….Thanks for bringing fishy memories…:)

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