Food Foibles

I occasionally reference my OCD issues. However, now in the grand scheme of things I know I used to have many compulsive habits, but since moving to Italy and adopting the ‘piano piano’ lifestyle many of these compulsions have faded into obscurity. So now I don’t have full blown OCD, just odd personality traits. For example I only ever write in pencil and only ever with a pink one or a Staedtler brand pencil. Friends know my DVD collection is stored in alphabetical order and every song on my iPod is star-rated with the image and the information written up in full, that’s over 24,000 little bits of information meticulously recorded digitally.

So this morning with the iPod in its dock and Blondie singing the 2 star-rated Dragonfly; a a rather pedestrian track from their below par album, The Hunter, I prepared to tuck into my breakfast. Now being English, Sunday morning is occasionally kick-started with a full English breakfast; something my Italian friends don’t understand. (All that fried food in the morning would make many an Italian wince). It was only as the OH was serving up that I was asked, “What’s the rule again with eggs and tomatoes?”

“Am I that fussy,” I respond.

“Yes,” is the come back. I sigh and respond to the question wondering why OH cannot remember the simple breakfast rule. “Tomatoes must not touch the egg.”


I don’t know when this rule came into existence but I have in the past been known to stop eating if my fried egg became contaminated by tomato juices.

This made me stop and think about any other food related habits I must have.

I know that whenever I’m served a meal I always have a forkful of vegetables first before anything else and that I always save a piece of meat for the last mouthful.

Then there’s my cutlery habits. We have two sets of cutlery in the kitchen one set is used if I eat with both a knife and fork, but for meals that require just a fork there’s a different set of cutlery.

IMG_3254So if I’m having a full meal I use the knife and fork pictured on the left of this picture, but if I’m having a bowl of pasta or something that requires no knife then it’s always one of the forks on the right.

Don’t ask why. It’s not rational I know.

Then there’s definite food no no’s, things like don’t lick the yoghurt off the inside of the lid. This practice I see other’s do just makes me shudder, in my world the lid is peeled off and immediately disposed of.

Ketchup has no place with bacon. Apples raw, never cooked.  Malt vinegar only on chips, white wine vinegar is for salads and red wine vinegar in marinades. And heaven help those people who toast a Hot Cross bun, and talking of these Easter treats it has to be butter only, no olive or low fat spread; this said butter is spread only using a butter knife and then buns and sandwiches cut with a separate serrated knife.

Even I think I’m odd as I write these few things about my food related habits.

Happy eating everyone, I’m off to make some lunch. No doubt as I toil in the kitchen I’ll no doubt discover other food related foibles. “Pass me a knife to chop this onion. No not that one, I only chop onions with the brown handled one.”

“What about the black handled one?”

“That’s for carrots and courgettes…”

There’s more eye rolling in la cucina.

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