Qualcosa Semplice

Happiness is a thing that cannot be measured. It cannot be given and it cannot be stolen. It’s a fundamental part of life. Many people strive for ultimate happiness while many people have none. Wealth and power do not necessarily facilitate happiness and the acquisition of those things we desire only delivers a quasi-happiness. Sometimes real happiness comes from something simple.

Take last week for instance, I popped into the post office to post a letter. Like post offices the world over it was filled with people waiting until it was their turn to be served. I took my position in the queue and after several minutes one of the ladies behind the glass called out to me asking if I was just there to purchase a stamp. I told her I was and she beckoned me to the front of the line of people, who had bills and savings books in their hands. I told her I could wait as there were many people patiently waiting their turn in front of me. Just then as if rehearsed, the queue all ushered me past to the front where I was promptly served with a stamp. This random act of kindness deposited itself in my happiness tank.

Later in the week I was buying a loaf and was about to go when I asked for a slice of sausage and mushroom pizza only to be told by the lady serving that they only had one slice and the corner was burnt. I told her it didn’t matter I’d take it anyway. She then wrapped it up and told me I could have it for free. She wished me a good day and I left with another deposit in the happy tank.


You can also create your own happiness by just doing something simple. This morning I drove to the beach with my partner and we walked along the pebbles watching the lazy winter waves saunter towards the shore. The sky was clear and the December sun danced across the sea. I picked up shells and driftwood, as I had done as child on family holidays and these simple acts contributed to a further deposit into the happiness tank.

I know there will be times for everyone when happiness avoids us, when unhappiness invades our life, but as I get older I choose not to dwell on the negatives and eagerly embrace every positive, because sometimes all it takes to make a deposit into your happy tank is, qualcosa semplice – something simple.


Literally 28 minutes after publishing this blog entry, Mario drove up our lane and gave me this large wedge of sheep’s milk cheese made by his wife earlier this week. I think the happy tank is full now.

A Life on Shuffle wishes you all happiness.


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