The Parsnip Project

You’re hard pressed to find a parsnip in Italy, in fact the only place I know that they exist is up in the Piemonte region, and these are English contraband, shipped over and distributed by Mr Noble of the Living in the Langhe blog.

I have over the past few years heard friends in Italy remark at their unsuccessful attempts to grow these root vegetables. Even a forum I once frequented had people commenting on the impossibility to grow parsnips in Abruzzo. So undaunted I thought I’d have a go. I did blog about this desire back in January. 


So here’s the first update in my quest to grow these non-Italian-loving vegetables. First I collected toilet rolls from friends and on a sunny afternoon I assembled them in the back garden. I also needed something to stack them in so used an old plastic storage box.


So first job was to cut the toilet roll tubes in half and assemble them inside the plastic box and then filled them with potting compost.


Once the tubes were filled I gave them a watering to dampen them and replaced the box lid, and have left it in the sunshine to warm for a few days, to create a mini microclimate inside the box.


The box seems to be effective as I put in my newly sown broccoli seeds and with five days they were coming through. I’ll keep you informed at future stages regarding the parsnip project.

Apologies for the lengthy break between postings, my laptop died and I had to get a new one with English keyboard delivered from the UK.

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