Gaffe in Guarenna

You know when something catches your eye and bothers you, but you just can’t figure out why. Well I’ve had one of those moments several times down at the crossroads and it only recently occurred to me what was nagging me. A spelling mistake on a sign. Now as you already know I love finding odd signs and spelling errors, but I didn’t expect to find this one on a road sign, so blatantly misspelled. Three kilometres away from the sign is the little village of Brecciaio (pronounced brech-eye-yo), it’s little more than a straight road with houses on either side, a pretty little yellow church and a very popular bar that always has a multitude of cars parked outside.


The town also has its own little castle, well technically it isn’t really a castle per se, but a modern holiday home built with turrets and embrasure battlements, I don’t know who owns the house and can only assume it’s a holiday home as it looks quite English and I have yet to see the gate open and the windows un-shuttered. Wouldn’t it be great to discover it is owned by an English knight. But I digress, so back to the spelling error.


I have checked the maps of all towns within a three kilometre radius of the crossroads at Guarenna Nuova and can only assume my instinct is correct and the Italian roads ministry made a gaffe when they ordered the blue road sign to Brecciaio, as it reads Brecciaro.



2 thoughts on “Gaffe in Guarenna

    • I’m literally 3 minutes from the crossroads, I’d be interested in knowing more about the castle.As a professional writer it would be interesting to know its history etc.

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