Delicate Package

Today I have a delicate package… ooer missus as Frankie Howerd would say. 1526335_10151825006062187_1067915732_n

There is a reason for today’s intended double entendre, a parcel has arrived from the ex-wife back in the UK and it includes my favourite snack. Prawn cocktail crisps and my favourite brand too, Seabrook’s crisps. I’m full of childish excitement as I open the first packet within seconds of receiving them, and I’m full of praise for both the way they have been packed and the postal services as they’re not crushed.

This has me thinking though, I don’t like prawns and particularly that 70’s retro starter, prawn cocktail. I can cope with small ones if they are mixed in a  seafood salad, but those big chunky beggars make me gip. I do like crayfish though which are pretty much the same thing as they’re both crustaceans.

I don’t like lobsters either, to me they’re just giant prawns but I do like crabs. I can’t bothered with eating langoustine either they’re far too fiddly but if they’re prepared as scampi then I’ll eat them happily.

Here in Italy during the summer a favourite pastime of mine is to frequent the fabulous fish restaurants, and more often than not I’ll always give the prawns a swerve, I used to tell people it was because of the texture, but in honesty it’s not that, or that black intestinal sac that runs down the back, it’s actually the taste, which makes me wonder why I love prawn cocktail crisps…Maybe because they don’t taste like prawns.


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