I’ve never really been a big soft drink drinker, apart from diet Pepsi (not Coke) I don’t usually like it as most are too sweet for me, so I tend to stick to sparkling water with lime, However I discovered a drink that I’ve really taken to, called Cedrata. I first purchased it thinking it was a lime drink and after tasting it I realised by its unusual flavour I was wrong. Made from cedro, a greenish yellow fruit originally from the Middle East, but now grown in the warmer southern Italy, particularly in Diamante in Calabria where it’s referred to as the Diamante Citron.



Photo © Yankielowitz Used with permission.

It’s quite difficult to describe the flavour, it has a citrus twang with a slightly gingery aftertaste, that’s refreshing yet not sickly like most soft drinks. Apparently it was very popular here in Italy during the 1970’s and early 80’s spurning many frothy advertising campaigns. If you fancy something a bit different it’s worth tracking it down as it’s very refreshing on a sunny afternoon.

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