Road Block

Don’t you just hate it when you’re prevented from going about your business by external sources. Today I was driving to the shop when I came around the bend by the war memorial in the lane and had to hit the brakes as the track down to Merosci was blocked.

Readers’ voices…

Had one of the ruins beside the road collapsed?

Was the refuse lorry parked there?

Heaven forbid there’d been a landslide

Had an olive tree fallen over?

Back to me…

No, neither the road was blocked by a chicken, a brown bobbing headed chicken that just refused to move. I beeped my horn at it and it just looked at me, I inched closer in the car and still the bloody thing wouldn’t budge. I even got out of the car expecting it to take flight; but no, it just looked at me, it’s eyes, malevolent, mocking me.799px-Chicken_free_range_1

But I wasn’t going to be beaten, I clapped my hands and shooed it away into the olive grove before resuming my journey, satisfied that man had won over bird. With bravery I had triumphed in the face of adversity. With dogged determination I had succeeded.

Well that was until on the way back when the whole cycle of road block chicken removal was repeated.

Picture © Anemone Projections used via Creative Commons (Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository)


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