12 Songs on Shuffle

A couple of days ago I received a message from a reader of my blog, he asked me if I could list a selection of songs as my iPod shuffles, rather than just tell us what individual song is playing. I replied saying I will do this for him but I won’t do it often as it could become tedious. His response was, that hearing the mix of songs might give a deeper insight into my character, I doubt it.

So here are the first twelve songs  that shuffled on the morning of November 6 2013. I have included where possible the links to find them on YouTube.

This Wreckage – Gary Numan. I didn’t become a Numan fan until later in life as I was still hanging onto my ‘punk’ roots when the electronic scene emerged. However as the electronic scene progressed and androgyny was embraced I started to appreciate its simplistic sound, that I’m sure wasn’t simple to create.

Don’t Be Funny – Dragonette

Can’t Control Myself – The Pigeon Detectives

Endless Summer of the Damned – Bauhaus. From the disappointing (in my opinion) album Go Away White, sometimes when bands reform it just doesn’t seem to work and for me the album sounds forced and not on a par with their earlier material. This said thirty–three years since I first heard Bauhaus. they still remain my favourite band.

All Around the World – The Jam

Rose Garden – Akiko Yano. If this song was a disease there’d be an epidemic. I first heard this back in the mid eighties and despite it being in Japanese and my not having a clue what she is singing about it never fails to please me as it’s so infectious.



Hot Stuff 12” (extended mix) – Donna Summer

Oh to be in Love – Kate Bush. From her debut album, The Kick Inside. Kate is one of the most influential English singer/songwriters who’s work is respected by her peers. This song reminds me of sunny afternoons in 1978 sat in the family back garden with the windows open as the vinyl spun on the turntable, playing loud.

My Little Book of Sorrows  -Marc and the Mambas

My Heart Goes Bang (Love Machine Remix) – Dead or Alive. Love him or loathe him, Pete Burns is a formidable force and although the back catalogue is constantly being remixed and rehashed I can’t help but get my groove on to a DoA song.

The Lovers are Losing – Keane

Rebel Run – Toyah. Still touring and performing live Toyah Willcox is constantly in demand. She has a devoted fan base and is currently touring songs from her album, Love is the Law, from which the song Rebel Run was the lead single. This song was the thirteenth single to chart for Toyah the band before she went solo. The video opens with a close up of Toyah’s eyes, which are the most beautiful eyes the pop industry has ever seen, it’s not difficult to see why so many teenage boys had her picture on their bedroom wall.


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