Out and About Observations

As you know I like signs with spelling mistakes and other observed oddities, so here’s a few more for your pleasure. The first is from a car park in Casoli, it’s a piece of graffiti on the wall, sadly you’d have thought that the person who sprayed this red and blue tag, would have positioned it in a better place than have half of it obscured by a concrete post.


The next comes from a menu board outside a restaurant in Pescara, I guess English isn’t the owners native language, but you would expect the translation to be double-checked before investing in an expensive ‘A’ board. So if you pop in for a meal enjoy those praw[n]s I also like the idea of a wanton, by definition is this a battered and deep fried sexually immodest or promiscuous woman?


The nest sign is the name of a shop that sells clothing. Would you really want to buy fashion items that are, ‘So, Last Year’?


Finally, and this is my favourite. I found a leaflet advertising job vacancies, and the translation is roughly,’We’re not interested in how you dress as we are a call centre’.


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