Sound and Vision

Monday morning has arrived, the Monday morning we tackle the back garden. The iPod shuffles and Downtempo, by Scouting for Girls plays as Seppe arrives to give us the benefit of his landscaping wisdom. With over forty-years of professional gardening experience, we really do need help. So far whenever asked what we’re doing at the back of the house, the answer has been, bit of hard landscaping and a patio, possibly gravel. In short we haven’t a clue what we want, let alone how to tackle the mess of rubble and encroaching wilderness.

Seppe looks at the area and is very soon calling out instructions which we follow. A frame is constructed which will be the main patio area we are informed, then he talks of dry-stone walls and gravel beds and even earmarks an area for our orto. He obviously has an idea of what will work in the space we have but we still cannot see his vision. The morning progresses with the sound of voices and the clack of stone upon stone as we fill the frame with rubble. Seppe constructs a retaining dry-stone wall and pretty quickly the wasteland takes shape.


At the end of the first day that garden has a definite shape and each section is clearly defined, days two and three are taken up with retrieving rubble that the digger driving, Toto pushed over the edge. The rubble fills the frame for the patio and is spread out to level the area that will be covered with sand and eventually gravel. I mention that I’d like a cherry tree and we decide where the best place for it would be, before day five we clear the orto area of stones. A week in and we can see how it will eventually look.


So a week later the cement and sand is ordered alongside the fence posts and we look at recycling the old stable doors to make gates. Let’s hope the weather cools a little more this week, as temperatures of twenty-six plus are difficult to work in. Luckily for me however I have quite a large workload this month, so will be stuck inside where it’s cool tapping at the laptop, while others toils outside with stones and sunshine.

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