No Bits in the Box

The restoration of the house is coming on in leaps and bounds, or so it seems. We have a kitchen floor and been tiled in the sink area. So it’s time to get those kitchen units assembled and put in place. An easy enough job for anyone with flat-pack experience. We purchased the kitchen four years ago back in the UK as it was on offer in a sale. It’s languished in Italy ever since awaiting assembly. It was even overlooked by the burglars when we were broken into in mid 2012.

The base units are quickly assembled by the crack team of kitchen fitters in my employ; or as I call them Betty and Dorothy and then it’s on to the wall units. All is going to plan until we come to the final wall unit, everything is unpacked and methodically checked against the instruction sheet and we discover there’s no fixings in this pack. Now I expect to find there’s an odd screw missing from a flat-pack piece of furniture, but to have all the fixings missing is a problem.

“We can sort out most of it,” I’m told. “We’ll just have to find somewhere that sells the door hinges and the wall hanging parts.” A quick message to a trusty builder friend in Cheshire and a photo of what we are missing, and I’m told the parts will be posted out. in due course.


Apologies for this being a dull post.


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