Cucina Rustica

We are finally getting to the end of our house restoration, I can hardly believe that only five months ago our place was literally just a shell. There’s still a lot of small jobs to get finished, like the window fitted where the second front door used to be and the kitchen. Of all the rooms in the house the kitchen has undergone the greatest transformation, the room above has been taken away, the roof has been replaced and it now has a new floor. During these changes our cooking facilities have changed many times. When we first moved in everything was on boxes, with all the electrics being endless extension cables.


Then as the roof and room above came down, the kitchen was installed in the corner of the living room with the fridge freezer standing beside the fireplace. Now the floor is in, we’ve reinstalled our rustic kitchen. No more microwaves balanced on boxes, or electric rings on top of old floorboards. It’s still a work in progress, but it means we can have a few days with space in the living room before we move it all out again to finish it off.


Learning to live without a working kitchen has been trying at times, especially when it comes to cooking. I coped with washing dishes in the outside sink, but wanting to bake bread when you have no oven came test your patience. At some point this week we’ll plaster where the electrics have been installed and hopefully next week the laminate flooring will have been laid and we can begin assembling the cupboards and get the new cooker delivered from Casoli.

Once finished, will I yearn for my cucina rustica again?

I doubt it.


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