Dirty Dog

Olive, our little terrier, or terror as she’s referred to lately has a penchant for rolling in things, usually it’s the builder’s pile of sand but today it was time for a roll in her other favourite rolling stuff – fox shit. (sorry there’s no way to dress it up, it’s shit). She seems to seek it out and revels in rolling in it, getting it up her flanks and between her ears and she’s not content until it’s well and truly ground into her collar.

This morning she decided to have a run down to the bottom of our land where it’s overgrown and unkempt, We could hear her yapping as she chased after Alfie who had also decided it would be fun to run through the undergrowth. When they returned, tails wagging and tongues lolling out of panting mouths, they both reeked of fox. The smell is so pungent it fills the house and there’s nothing for it but to bathe the mutts.

Both of the dogs hate being washed, and protest as shampoo is worked into their coats. Alfie being bigger gets hosed down outside while Olive is whisked downstairs and popped under the shower, after she’s smelling sweeter I clean the shower, and am amazed at the pile of sand and grit that has been rinsed from her coat. How can such a little dog carry such a mountain of grit and sand in its coat is beyond comprehension.

As I sweep the dirt into a dustpan, I hear barking and yes you guessed it, she’s outside rolling in the sand.


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