Two More Signs

As you know I love odd signs and spelling mistakes and it’s been difficult to find any in Italy to share with you. Until now. The first sign is from the beach at Fossacessia. I love the translation into English, I like the question, ‘not sure bathing for lack of rescue service’. I imagine English speakers asking themselves am I sure I want to go into the sea. Then later it reads ‘limit sure waters not marked’. The actual translation of the word sure is incorrect in both cases, and should read ‘safe’. But my favourite line has to be, Generic dangers do not signal to you.


My second sign is one I think should be adopted by every establishment that has disabled parking. It’s to the point and gets its message across brilliantly.


You want my place, take my disability

Absolutely brilliant pointing out that if you want the disabled space nearer the shop doorway, then at least take a disabled persons handicap as well.


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