I’m driving back from the bank when the iPod shuffles, playing a song from 1974, the song is by Moments and Whatnauts, two vocal groups that combined to release the song, Girls. Now it’s a nifty little song and I remember dancing along to it at the school disco, but I doubt they’d get away with some of the lyrics today. Take the first verse:

Hey Whatnauts, what’s happenin’?
The Moment’s, what it is brother
Hey, lets talk about what we recorded and talk about this.
What is that?

Nowadays there’s bound to be some moaning Minnie that would object to the term ‘brother’ citing it as a term used to alienate non-black people; then there’s the, let’s not have men taking about girls for fear that it could just objectify them brigade. The second part of the verse would have radio listeners calling in their droves to complain if  this song was released to todays music buying public.

Girls, I like ’em fat, I like ’em tall
Some skinny, some small

Oh dear, we can’t call them fat for fear of being accused of bullying and then driving them into a life of eating disorders. We are not allowed to say skinny either as this alludes to aforementioned eating disorders. Later the lyric goes:

I’d like to be on an island with five or six of them fine ones
Even one that ain’t good lookin’
They’re the ones that do the best cookin’

Oops, are we allowed to assume that ugly girls make better cooks, is it because they don’t get any dates so spend their time learning how to make pastry and ice a cake. As the song progresses the narrator tells us what sort of girls he wants on his island:

Give me three that do them freaky things
Give me four fat mama’s that like to swing

So there’s three girls that do freaky things, is the singer telling us the sexual proclivities of said  three girls is far from the norm, and we’re back again to the issue of size.

Girls: Moments and Whatnauts

I don’t really think that there are many girls out there that would take offence at what is basically a jolly song that celebrates their sexuality, but the fact that I’ve thought about this maybe says more about the time we’re living in now and the fascination with political correctness. I for one drove home, singing along, without a care in the world. Oh, those heady days of disco.

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