South African Food and the Three Badgers

On the evening of my fashion faux-pas we visited some South African friends of ours who have a lovely small house with the most magnificent views over the Italian countryside, including a spectacular view up to our town, Casoli and its castle. At night when it’s all lit up, it is breath taking.

We had a pleasant evening drinking beer and chatting, as meat cooked on the barbecue. When it came to eat we all shuffled inside and the spread laid out on the table looked grand. Our hostess had made traditional S. African dishes, that included a potato salad that was so delicious it knocked spots of the boring cold potato and mayo gloop I’m used to getting in the UK. A spicy yet sweet beetroot salad was accompanied by a taste sensation, a bean dish that was slightly sweet yet fresh tasting with lots of bite.

The four of us ate with gusto and chatted away into the small hours, until all that was left was a few bones for the feral cats and empty bowls where the food had once been. As I left, the panoramic view was lit by twinkling lights in the distance; beacons indication life going about its business elsewhere.

The evening was still and as I drove home there was the scent of freshly cut grass in the air. As I came around the last bend before our house my headlights caught three bouncing bottoms on the road. I stopped and dipped the lights and we sat watching the three badgers whose bottoms had been bouncing as they lolloped along the road. We were treated to a few minutes of activity before they melted into the Abruzzi wilderness.

What a perfect way to end an evening.

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