Angry Birds

This morning I woke early and found myself sat outside at 06.00 with a cup of coffee listening to the day wake up around me. In a tree near the house every morning sits the, Is It You Bird, so called because I cannot see it, but every morning it chirps away, three and a half fast repeating chirrups, which sound like, is it you, is it you, is it you, is it. So as the mist over Selva Altino dissipates and a shaft of sunlight creeps in; from where I do not know as there’s not a single cloud in the sky, the bird calls out across the valley. Normally it calls for a few minutes until it gets a similar response from another, is it you bird, then stops. However this morning is different, the calls of, is it you, is it you, is it you, is it are met by another bird which responds with a not me, not me, the is it you, is it you, is it you, is it, bounces back again to be countered by the not me, not me. As the, Not Me Bird, replies for the third time a distance away comes a fast interrupting chirrup  which states, yes it is, yes it is.  The musical mêlée continues and I’m about to go back inside when a jay arrives and sits in the tree where I’ve hung some solar lights. In England I’ve never seen a jay before, but  here in Italy there isn’t a day that passes when I don’t see one of these, normally shy birds. It’s a beautiful bird and as it sits in the tree and looks around, his onyx coloured eye catching the sunlight and flashes. The, is it you bird, calls again, this time the reply is, yes it is, yes it is, and the jay, who I imagine to be the mediator of this morning’s birdsong battle takes to the air and the feathered fall-out is over.

My friend Tim, back in the UK has a blog where he posts a daily photograph, so I decide today, to do the same. So I go back inside and fetch my camera, and snap a quick shot from the lane recording another digital memory. If only I’d had the camera with me earlier I could have filmed the jay and maybe captured the conversation of the angry birds. Link to Tim’s blog


11.04.2013 Guarenna Vecchia. 06.20,

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