Italian Signs

When I moved back to Italy to resume my life as Il contadino Italiano, (an Italian peasant farmer) I expected that my hunger for odd and misspelled signs would not be fed, however just a week in and I’ve found a couple that have made me smile, so maybe there will be enough to keep my signage humour synapse active. For my first discovery I have to admit to being not politically correct, but as I have disabled friends who call themselves a vast array of non-politically correct names I need not apologise for this find, as they’ll no doubt find it funny.

While purchasing some bio-degradable waste bags for the new recycling regime I unpacked my bags to discover they’re called Spazzy, which made me smile for all the wrong reasons.






My next find was a dog kennel in the DIY supermarket, Obi. It was appropriately called ‘Fido’


And finally while perusing the carpet and rug section of Leyroy Merlin I came across a rug that must be made specifically for Scooby Doo.


Sadly these signs aren’t as funny as the crazy miss-spelt ones and errant apostrophe’s of the UK, but come on guys at least I tried my best. Smile


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