Fellatio (cheap at half the price)

I was walking through town listening to my iPod as usual, Grace Jones was singing, Kicked around, from her, Bulletproof Heart album. I was on my way to photograph a sign that I’d seen many times before but had neglected to capture on my trusty little camera. Now the reason I wanted to photograph it is it appeals to my immature sense of humour. I’m aware that outside of the UK the joke will be lost as the act of fellatio may not be called a B.J. But how can you not smile when you see that they have them at discount prices?


As I was heading back to my car I spotted another sign and this one bemused me. The blue and white piece of card simply said, “Potato lads required.” What is a potato lad, a male teenage made from mash or is he made from chips?100_5476-crop

The iPod shuffles and the Sugababes begin to sing their cover of Hard-Fi’s, Living for the Weekend. Back at the car, I plug in the iPod, gun the ignition and forget all about boys made from potato and just drive


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