When Words Become Pointless

Oh dear, looks like I’ve woken up with grumpy head on again. Today the object of my grumpiness is the pieces of pointless crap that seem to be sold in every store with a household department. These pieces of pointless crap are those ornamental words crafted out of wood and other materials. Six inch high letters that spell the word bathe are designed to be displayed in bathrooms, or ones that say kitchen, just in case you happen to forget what room you are standing in as you warm a pan of baked beans on the stove. The most pointless being those that simply say love. Love what or who?


Other pointless wordy crap is those ornaments that are shaped to suit the phrase they proclaim, like lemon shaped pieces of wood that say, If the world gives you lemons, make lemonade. No, if the world gives you lemons make a gin and tonic and find something better to do than go out and buy crap.


As Grandmaster Flash begin to play Electric Slide I feel my grumpiness begin to subside, but not enough to ponder popping out to buy a wooden globe shaped fridge magnet that has the phrase on top of the world painted upon it by some minor in a third world sweatshop.


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