Sweets in the Freezer

When I’m out shopping there’s one thing that really annoys me. Its when people pick something up from a point of sale, walk around with it for several minutes then decided they don’t want it and instead of putting it back where they picked it up from just drop it down randomly, expecting someone else (store staff) to return it to its correct place.

Yesterday whilst walking around a local supermarket, iPod on shuffle as usual the fabulous Funkadelic began to play, The Electric Spanking of War Babies, I was enjoying the track when I spotted a woman take something out of her shopping basket and drop it into an open freezer. Upon closer inspection she had dropped inside a now unwanted packet of Haribo sweets. I proceeded to watch her and she stopped at the veg stand and dropped a bag of Brussels sprouts into her basket. Later as the song shuffled and PiL began playing Public Image, I spotted the shopper again. This time she removed the sprouts from her basket and put them down onto a soap powder display and made her way to the tills.

I hate this nonchalant store littering, how can we expect kids to see littering out of doors as a negative thing when they follow their parents around stores and see them do the same thing with discarded produce. If you don’t want anything or are unsure, leave it out of your basket until you are sure. The poor grunt on minimum wage has enough to do already without lazy shoppers adding to the daily workload.


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