I’ve been rather busy of late and not had time to post any blog entries, but feel the need to post this little gripe.

There’s lots of new cars driving around town and I’m thinking of getting one. They look similar to any other car on the road, but these ones have no indicators, it appears.

I find it very irritating when someone assumes they have the psychic ability to let other road users their intention to turn one way or another. Yesterday I was at a roundabout waiting to see if the driver to my right would indicate whether he wanted to use the first or second exit, no blinking indicator flashed and the driver just pootled around the roundabout eventually taking the third exit. A couple of days before, I was at a junction waiting to turn right and join the traffic, a car approached and I waited for it to pass me, but instead it turned left passed me without a single signal, meaning i missed the gap in the traffic and had to wait longer.

Today, walking back from a leisurely stroll I’m starting to cross a road when without indicating a driver turns left, almost running into me.

I’ve posted several times about interesting graffiti, and finally with my iPod playing Herr X by Ultravox I drove out of town to take a photo of a piece of street art that I quite like. It’s very striking and never fails to catch my attention as I drive past.


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