Restoration Nation

During a recent walk around the ‘forgotten’ areas of the city; the parts that had been subjected to compulsory purchase orders for some new government scheme for new social housing that never came to fruition. The old terraces have mostly been demolished, Some empty streets still stand neglected and decaying, but I was pleased to see a environmentally aware project that was taking these old houses and giving them a new lease of life. The new houses use recycled materials and will feature energy saving heating systems including solar energy, they even have a small vegetable plot and composting bin. Meaning the street goes from looking like the left side of the photo below and looks like the right side now.


I think rather than build on green sites we should spend more effort purchasing redundant land and build new homes there. I also believe that we should also look at the possibility of 100_5443restoration rather than demolition, there are many old buildings out there that would benefit from some love and attention. On a recent trip into Cheadle it was nice to see the old Wheatsheaf public house that had stood neglected for years until it became unsafe, had been restored, breathing new life and jobs into the market town. It’s a shame they chose to paint it green though.

As I write this my iPod is recycling tunes from the eighties, as Five Star sing, Rock My World.

Around town at the moment there is much activity from men on scaffolding as they insulate nearby properties, cladding the outside with what look like large Lego blocks. These blocks are then rendered and painted white. The newly insulated houses benefit from not only energy saving but also from a new up to date look.


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