I grew up in a small village called, Forsbrook and nearby is the market town of Cheadle, Staffordshire. As a teenager, my secondary school hated the one in Cheadle, meaning the students from Cheadle were our sworn enemies. Thankfully no real trouble emerged and to be honest I’m not sure any of us, on either side were that bothered, it was an old feud that mostly got ignored.

Last week I went to Cheadle for the first time in over a year, it’s a pretty market town that sadly has succumbed to the demise of the high street, with empty shops being taken over by charity100_5442 shops. I was walking around when I remembered a sign that always took my attention because of its wording, so I took out my camera and snapped it for my blog. Surely the text should read,  Celebrating 60 years on the high street.

I was walking past a cafe when I spotted some errors in their advertising too: (Underlined in red)



It’s not just the need to insert uppercase letters at will that caught my attention, and despite the misspelling of separate it’s that apostrophe again. The sentence near the bottom reads ‘coffees blended’ now I’m assuming it means coffee is blended to give…… So we need the apostrophe, so it reads: Coffee’s blended to…

Finally on my way back to the car, I spotted another sign, this was advertising Slimming World meetings and again it was the scourge of the Wednesday spelling. For postings of previous Wednesday misspellings go to my old blog. Old Blog


Finally, I’ll leave you with another sign, this one wasn’t spotted in Cheadle, it was in town. There’s nothing wrong with the spelling, I just wonder if they get a surge every Saturday from people clamouring to get a plate of hot Head Patch?


2 thoughts on “Cheadle

  1. I lived in Checkley for 3 years (1969-73) and went through the arctic climate of Cheadle Bus Station every day on my way to and from Leek School of Art. I can well imagine Head pach being very popular!

  2. Ha, I went to Cheadle High and the rivalry between us and Blythe Bridge was still there when I left in 89, although as you say nobody could actually be bothered to travel the couple of miles for a fight or anything…
    Anyway looks like standards in the English department have gone down since I left…

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