27 January – Remembering

Sixty-eight years ago today the Soviet’s liberated the prisoners of the notorious concentration camp Auschwitz. Over its four and a half years of being a camp, 1.1 million people died, of these, one million were Jewish, men, women and children, with the remaining deceased made up of Soviet prisoners of war, Polish political prisoners, homosexuals, people with disabilities, gypsies and people of other religious convictions.

Back in 2001, the date of the liberation of Auschwitz was chosen as Holocaust Memorial Day


I’m not one for spouting my political beliefs, and we all know that approximately six-million Jewish people were systematically and callously ‘dispatched’ and I think it’s important that the world has a memorial day. One day in which we can hold our hands up and say, we must never forget. I know there are many people who deny the holocaust, in particular one (in)famous US author. I won’t name him, as in my opinion he’s is beyond contempt and therefore I wont give him the publicity.

All I ask, on this, the twelfth Holocaust Memorial Day, please spare a minute in your busy schedule to remember all the people mentioned above, because no matter what their religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or social tradition, they didn’t deserve to die.


                                                  Copyright Free Image Used


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