Dog and Bone

I’ve never really liked Birmingham city centre, I’ve always thought it to  be rather grubby and unappealing, however during a recent over night stay in Birmingham I changed my mind. Previously my only visits into Birmingham, would be to work in its schools and colleges, so it’s been many years since I was in the centre. I stayed in the Thistle hotel, a perfect place to stay if you CAM00030want to be able to just walk to the main shopping areas, and at just £29 a night, it was a bargain.

The centre was clean and despite the inclement weather was welcoming. The Bullring was packed with shoppers and taking respite from the drizzle I happily joined them. I spent some time trying to decide which eatery to patronise inside Selfridge’s, and couldn’t decide so didn’t bother eating there. I wandered through the Ted Baker section, keeping my wallet clasped tightly shut. Friends are aware of my love of anything Ted, this said though, I’m not a fashion victim and despite a love of shoes, tend to not bother with designer labels. 

However, I did see something that was definitely designer. In a jeweller’s window, proudly on display were mobile phones for the rich. Made by Vertu, they had gold and platinum fascia’s and a high price tag. I couldn’t believe there was actually a phone for sale at £17,700 – who has that kind of disposable income?



So I quickly whipped out my £59 phone and took a picture. You can see that the other phone’s are around the ten to fifteen thousand pound price range. This made me wonder about what happens twelve months down the line when mobile technology has moved on. Do these expensive pieces of kit get upgraded or like the iPhone 4 and LG Rembrandt, are they obsolete?

For those of you with a few quid to spend, here’s their website. Vertu Website

I know a mobile phone is a necessity nowadays if you want to stay in touch with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, even the apps available make life easier; the navigation one in my phone has proved very valuable. But I do think a ten-thousand price tag to be a tad excessive.


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