Eyes Open

I was on my way to the main library to do some research on an article. As usual I had my iPod with me and Julie London was singing Take Back Your Mink as I passed through a small grassed area with benches. I stopped and loitered for a while as the brass section played the middle eight. Suddenly from behind a cloud the sun appeared lighting up the building opposite. It made me think about how we disregard the architecture around us. The buildings are so familiar they lose its splendour, yet when we go on holiday and/or travel abroad we’re there with our camera’s snapping away. We take  photographs of churches, fountains, castles and I suspect even council buildings if we like the look of them. Maybe it’s the sunshine that makes them more appealing, or it could just be because we’re so relaxed we take more notice of our surroundings.

So, with this thought in my head I took a look around me, and noticed some magnificent buildings that previously I walked past without giving them a second glance. I was looking at a round building and it reminded me of a photograph of the Baptistery at Pisa that I had taken back in 2005, so I whipped out my camera and fired off a shot. Obviously the weather wasn’t as nice as it was when I took the picture in Pisa whilst visiting its famous leaning tower, but you get the idea.


Another gem is the Bethesda chapel, and it’s looking so much nicer now it’s being restored, thanks to lottery grants after being left in a state of disrepair for decades.


Sadly there are some buildings that no matter how nice the weather, will always be ugly, regardless of what angle you view them from.


Next time you are out and about, take time to look at the familiar places around and hopefully you’ll see them in a new light.

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